How To Deal With Spam Email: Practice From Semalt

Every internet user faces numerous spam messages every time. The Internet is full of spammers who try to reach and access personal information by every means. Spam emails come in a variety of ways, traditionally requiring a user to click on a particular link or even perform another call-to-action execution. Most spammers target users who can quickly fall prey for phishing or fall for other scams.

Ross Barber, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, offers the following 5 ways to stop spam email.

1. Create a different email address

You can create a temporary email address for use in a variety of ways online. One of the spammer's biggest approaches is the collection of email lists. Junk email accounts can capture spammers and mark them as spam before they cause damage. It is also beneficial to a user, by not giving out the personal email address to different online platforms, which might not be as credible as those from the other sources. Fake email addresses can capture the spam samples through many ways.

2. Use a secure email provider

Most spammers thrive due to the vulnerability of the systems. As a result, it is always important to depend on a safe email server, one which has spam filters. Some tools such as Unspyable, CounterMail, and Shazzle provide secure VPN logins for smartphone users, evading the possibility of a spammer accessing your emails. In other cases, some email providers have mechanisms of detecting worms, Trojans, and malware on the attachments present in the email. For instance, Google mail can save you from numerous spam attacks.

3. Encrypt personal email address

It can be tough for a spammer to reach an email address which has encryption. For instance, multiple layers protection such as 2-factor authentications can render the hacking process difficult, saving the user very many issues. For example, Mac users can use GPGTools to encrypt their mail boxes. GPG4Win is another important encryption key, which can help Outlook users to stay secure. Other tools include encryption procedures like Thunderbird for Enigmail users.

4. Use spam filters

In most cases, spam filters are usually defaulting features to a particular email address. They help most persons enjoy the possibility of getting the spam emails away without employing a physical effort. A secure way of doing this is automating individual emails to go to specific folders. As a result, you get your spam emails away as well as making the entire. This method can also be helpful in managing some of the most important aspects such as bills, work, school and other tasks involving your email account.


Every online endeavour involving messages and emails can be subject to spam. Spammers take away tremendous resources as well as performing many ill-intention acts in the personal data which they scoop. There are ways through which you can deal with spam emails. In this digital era, spammers have automatic tools to operate some of their tasks just like SEO. Avoiding some spam instructions can save you a lot of trouble which they can cause. This guide can help execute anti-spam mechanisms which can make you and your business stay away from spam emails.

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